Useful Sites Edition 4

dae57b6e2b186637b337dfc7b3d2b6d2Hi guys!! Check out the latest Techtron discoveries of useful websites. As usual You’ll find 10 useful websites that you should definitely check out! Hope you find this helpful…

(1) BandwidthPlace: This website is a shopping place for bandwidth related services like DSL, Satellite Internet etc. But all you really look at in this particular website is its speed test with its nice GUI.


(2) LivingInternet: LivingInternet is an online repository for information about the internet. The site gives you information on the internet, email and other stuff based on different criteria like history, design, security etc.

(3) Shorl: Shorl is another website URL shortener. But it comes with one cool heck of an added feature. It creates a shorlified link for the website you want and gives you a password along with it. Now you can use this link and the password to check the how many people visited the site through that link. You can check how many people clicked your link on the given day, in the previous 30 days and all time.

(4) ToneMatrix: This is a cool piece of work by Andre Michelle that creates music based on where you click on the synthesizer. I find it addictively good!

(5) TempAlias: TempAlias generates a temporary anonymous email address for you which will forward the email received to the address you specified. It does have an expiry date but the good part is that you decide when it expires. You specify the maximum no. of days it is valid and the maximum messages that can be received. When either of the limits is reached, the account kills itself.

(6) TinyPaste: A website that lets you write (and share) some information with whoever you want. You can keep the text public or private and provide a password to protect it even more. Even tinypaste comes with a kill timer ranging from 30 mins to never. You can also add a video (already on the net) to your “pastebin”. Plus, You get to see site statistics in a graph.. cool. A previous paste can also be edited by clicking the “new version” button.

(7) DamnInteresting: DamnInteresting brings to you, well, damn interesting articles in the website’s ad-free, black and white (and a little yellow) environment. It’s a must-bookmark kinda site if you ask me.

(8) HowToCleanStuff: This website gives you a detailed guide on how to clean up stuff. What kinda guides, you may ask.. well, they range from “how to polish turd” to “how to clean your iPhone”. That should give you an idea.

(9) RandomPics: Does what it says. Shows you random pictures from the internet. It’s a fun way to pass time. Who knows, you could stumble upon some comic strip, a still from a movie (say, Harry Potter), or some random pictures.

(10) TheLiveCDList: Don’t know which OS you want on your Live CD? Its cool. Here’s a list of all the available Live CD isos and their download links. Even cooler, is that the iso can be rated by the user and even commented upon.

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