Reasons to choose Opera over Firefox

firefox-vs-operaFirefox is awesome. Really. Its open source, has an amazing number of add-ons, and blah blah blah. But some things about Mozilla’s web browser just can’t compare to Opera. Here are a few.

#1 Memory. Firefox hogs too much memory whereas Opera doesn’t take so much. Plus, the more the add-ons, the more the weight on your memory. Major Buzzkill.

#2 Opera Turbo. Slow connection? No need to worry. Opera Turbo enables you to browse quickly even with a slow connection.

All the data in the page is compressed by Opera’s Servers before reaching you. It might mean lower quality of pics on the page, but hey! it sure beats waiting an eternity for the page to load. Plus Point: You can set it to be automatic and let the browser decide if you need it.

Lesson: Opera outclasses Firefox in case of slower connections.

#3 Opera Unite. You want to share some documents, a media file, some application with your colleagues and buddies and you don’t want to use sites like 4shared. All you do is use Opera Unite. It creates a page dedicated for your use. You can store files from your PC on it and let whoever you choose access it.

#4 Opera Link. Sync your data (bookmarks, speed dial pages, whatever) on different computers using Opera Link. It “ups” your browser data onto its server and any changes you make on your browser will get reflected there. If you link an Opera on another device, all your data gets automatically synced.

#5 Opera Mail. Simply amazing. Try it out yourself.

#6 Speed Dial. Opera comes with an inbuilt speed dial page. There is no need to install an add-on and weigh the browser down even more. Firefox, however, increases its uselessness by letting Google search be the default start page (since there is a search bar at the top right corner of the window).

#7 Mouse Gestures. Need I say anything?

#8 Add-ons. You might say that Opera can’t beat the add-on power that Firefox offers. True. But it doesn’t mean that Opera doesn’t come with add-ons. On the contrary, it does (Extensions and Widgets). And some of them are worthwhile.

#8 Integrated Bittorrent Client: No need to install a separate client. (Or add-on)

In conclusion: I’d like to say that I’m no Firefox-hater. In fact, I’m the opposite – I love Firefox. This is just to show you guys that you can live your life considerably well without Firefox installed. Try them both on and choose for yourself based on what you like.

These are just a few reasons I thought I’d mention here. If you have suggestions, feel free to mention it in the comments section.

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