Status Update

Hello folks! Its been a long while since something happened here on this blog. And its about time something did happen. I’m taking some initiative to restart it and lets hope it works out. Need lots of support guys.

Yours Truly,

Jayghosh Rao

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About Jayghosh Rao

This person of slightly inadequate height compensates for his not-too-short stature by being extremely annoying. Oh, wait. That's not a positive quality, is it? But heck, that's who I am. I am a decent acquaintance and an annoying friend. I like doing nothing, wasting time on a computer, learning about random things, watching TV, movies, and cartoons, writing an occasional article, talking philosophy and science, home-made food, and, of course, hanging out with friends and annoying them. I am currently pursuing MSc. in Simulation Sciences at German Research School, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen. And I'm loving it.

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  1. btw if i have comething interesting to share how can i post in this site??……….like softwares mobile apps etc?

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