Jooce – Your Online Virtual Desktop

jooce I’m sure most of you will be familiar with a Virtual Desktop so I wont be taking time explaining what they are. I’m sure all of us were in that situation where we badly needed a file stored on our computer, be it a music track, a video or a document. When we don’t have ways to connect to our PC we tend to get frustrated. Well no more of it. Meet Jooce. Its an online virtual desktop cum social networking website. More of a virtual desktop, its got a great interface at it. Doesn’t actually let you connect to your own PC but actually acts like one.

Now before you can access it you obviously have to sign up for an account there. But its so damn easy you’ll find yourself on your virtual desktop in no time! And boy! those effects sure do make you feel good. When you are in

you should see a help tip. You might find it “buggy” as I did. All you have to do is click anywhere on the desktop. Now you should see that there are two sides to this coin! A public side and a private side. The Private side is where you can do anything and no one can stop you or take anything from you (except maybe your Jooce friends). The Public Joocetop, as it is called, is where anyone can access your files.

Lemme show you around this place then will you?

This is how it should look…


Now that you are in control, you can do anything. There will be a few folders on the desktop and you’ll notice the Dock on the bottom of the screen. There you’ll see options to

  • add a file
  • create a folder
  • switch desktops
  • control panel
  • feedback
  • web upload
  • send invite

Add a file:

Just click the icon and choose the file you want to upload. If you’re wondering if it worked… check out the bar at the top. You should see a green progress beam making its way through the top control bar. You can upload multiple files at one go. You can upload and store practically any type of file. If its a supported music/video format then it can be played on Jooce!

Tech Note: Media files are streamed from the net when you upload and play them. So if you have a slow Internet connection you might have a problem with this feature.

Create a Folder:

I’d rather not explain this feature ‘cuz of its utter simplicity.

Switch Desktops:

Here You can switch from your public desktop to your private Joocetop. If you want to transfer files over desktops, then all you gotta do is move the file over this icon and it’ll happen.

Control Panel:

It accesses the Jooce control panel. Here you can

  1. upload an avatar for yourself
  2. Setup/Change your IM accounts (only MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM supported)
  3. Set/Change the Jooce graphic effects
  4. Change your Jooce password
  5. Change your wallpapers
  6. Enable/Disable tips at startup
  7. Edit your profile


Tell the guys at Jooce how you feel about it. Request a feature or also report a bug.

Web Upload:

Lets you search Youtube (only) and if you drag and drop the video onto your desktop, then you can play (stream) it whenever you want.

Send Invite:

Go on! Send an invite to your best pals.

Other Features:

Search: Its hard to notice but there’s a search feature on the top control  bar. You can search for people already on Jooce.

IM status: On the top bar with the IM Logos on it. Clicking them changes your status. There’s one for each configured account and an extra for Jooce account

Logout: Yes! a logout button, again on the top bar.

Jooce Messenger: Move your cursor to the leftmost part of the screen. A button should magically appear! click it. Now you see your Jooce messenger with all your contacts from the accounts you configured (along with the groups). And then there are your Jooce contacts. (There should already be one named “Neville”, who is of no use. But if you want to you can check his Joocetop out). You can chat with your contacts.

Jooce Explorer: You can see all the files on your Joocetop/desktop with this tool. Just move your pointer to the rightmost part of the screen and click the magic button. Voila!

Profile View: If you check the Top control bar, exactly in the center, you should see something like a semicircle below it. Click it to see your profile. If you visit someone else’s Joocetop, you can see their profile in the same way.

There are a few insignificant features that I have missed out. Maybe I’ve missed something important too. But I leave you to figure the rest of Jooce out.

Catch it @

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