TECHTRONLOGO1Everything is getting renewed and updated these days. Making it “better”. But the question to be asked is: “Is newer always better?”. Not really. Some things are like wine… The older it is, the better!

We all know that these days more and more programs are being made compatible with only the latest OS. All support on the older OSs is being discontinued. Meaning: The people who can’t afford to buy a new system with the latest OS are gonna have a teensy weensy problem, be it now or later. But why fear when Tech tron is here?

Enter: http://www.oldversion.com/

The Lowdown:

Its a simple website really. Nothing fancy and all that.

The website indexes loads of programs with a lot of their older versions which run on older Op-Systems. To be exact its 2479 versions of 182 programs, and it has all those popular programs like Y! Messenger, foobar, Napster, Mediamonkey etc.  So if you’ve got stuck with some old OS somewhere… be sure to use this.

OlderVersion.com – Because Newer Is Not Always Better!

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This person of slightly inadequate height compensates for his not-too-short stature by being extremely annoying. Oh, wait. That's not a positive quality, is it? But heck, that's who I am. I am a decent acquaintance and an annoying friend. I like doing nothing, wasting time on a computer, learning about random things, watching TV, movies, and cartoons, writing an occasional article, talking philosophy and science, home-made food, and, of course, hanging out with friends and annoying them. I am currently pursuing MSc. in Simulation Sciences at German Research School, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen. And I'm loving it.

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