Keep windows in shape with these tools

1391662139_5e465af6b6Windows is a funny OS. Really! Everyone uses it but they do not know that it is the OS series most prone to hack attacks. We’ll cover hack attacks in another post ’cause I at least have to show you how to keep your wi ndows running good. Believe me when I say I’ve seen a few very very rusty windows OS’s They look like they’re running without RAM (although that’s not possible) and sometimes my system acts the same way!! (Its really old). What do we do then?

Use these programs to fix it!

(1)CCleaner: This baby from Piriform is famous all around! Actually this is a waste mentioning it here as most of you will be already using this. But for those of you who aren’t, lemme tell you what it does.

It scans your system for unwanted, unused files, registry ke ys and program data and deletes them for you. This speeds up program loading time and your system’s overall performance. It can set your Startup services too! You can also set how you want those unwanted stuff deleted (secure/fast). All in all, this is definitely one thing which everyone needs.

(2)Defraggler: Another app from Piriform. Its a defragmenter which is way better than its windows built-in counterpart. Its got a tiny footprint too. And you can schedule it to “defraggle” your system automatically!

(3)TweakUI: Its a powertoy from Microsoft itself! it lets you customize your system in a lot of ways. This is like all those built-in configuration utilities packed into one tiny application. Allows you to tweak even the windows explorer and IE. There’s  an autologon feature too (not recommended, but still!).

(4)RegSeeker: This one is by far the best and smallest registry cleaning/tweaking software I have ever come across. Its got everything you need to clean that registry. A search function, the power to edit startup entries, checking history, built-in tweaks, registry cleaning, backup, you name it! Its also portable, doesn’t require an installation.

(5)Recuva: Another Piriform app. This has nothing to do with keeping windows in recuva-150x150shape but still, i thought I’d include it here. Its a file recovery app that gets your deleted files back safely in your hands. Yes, it also gets the files that were deleted using Shift+Del or from the recycle bin too. It can search for specific types of files too, like pictures, videos etc. There are two modes of recovery, a deep scan or a  quick one. The deep one might require some patience but it gets your job done quite well. On the whole, its a great app that you should get if you want a deleted file back.

Tech Bonus:

ncleaner – second generation: Meet CCleaner’s doom! ncleaner is an awesome utility packed together like hell! Its got a registry cleaner, junk finder, free space shredder, tweaker, startup manager and more stuff that are really enough to keep the system in shape. Basically it just finds unused/unwanted files just like CCleaner and deletes them. Its also got a security advisor in it! All in all this baby makes CCleaner look like a toy!

Hope this was of some help to you.

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