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music-notesThe Internet has been advancing in more ways than one. It was formerly a way of data transfer through computers. Now the Internet is all you need. It has everything. Videos, Information, Software, News, Images, Music etc.

So when  we come to music we ask ourselves, where can we listen to music online? That is the question we are dealing with today. The truth is there are loads of Websites out there that let you listen to streaming music. But why listen when you can download? is the question most people are asking. Imagine you are at a cyber cafe doing some work when you badly need music. No music on the HD! What do you do? Go to one of these sites and start listening!

Here are some websites that I found out that I liked. There are more out there though!331034360_4fb9459492

(1) Grooveshark Lite: This is simply awesome! Its got a cool interface that’s totally user-friendly. Its got the basic playlist function and the ability to search in different criteria. It also has an option to download the song you want but that  requires an account and it costs you! (Not the account… the download part). Now for that account, its really easy to get. Though its of no use if you just want to listen to songs.

I recommend you give this a try. Its really good. Indexes a lot of tracks too.

(2) Songza: There are a few things I dislike about songza but you have got to give it credit for at least trying to keep up. Its pretty basic. One thing I don’t like about it is that interface of its (hey….. its totally red!). It sucks. But its got a featured songs and top played list of 5 songs each that I like. One more thing I hate is that ad on top. Its got a very very decent index of tracks. It has those basic requirements like playlisting and sharing. Frankly, I’d rather go with Grooveshark.

(3) MusicSearchOnline: This one is good, except for the fact that the whole web page is cluttered with ads!! It really turns me off when I see those ads. But I gotta say, Its got a better interface than Songza (Hey, at least its not red!). From what I can make of it, the search is divided into three. In the first part of the results you get files with the search term in the name. In the second section you get songs from the artist (if you typed an artist in the search). In the last part you get a few songs from that artist. If you typed the name of a song you will get a few possible matches.

Its good. But I’d still stick to Grooveshark.

(4) Musicovery: One of the Best! No doubt about it! It indexes songs from the old 50’s to the new 08’s.

Now there’s one thing that’s very different from the sites I mentioned above and that’s the way you search for music. Its something nice that I’ll leave you to figure out yourself. ( I might post a separate article on this!)

Hey did I mention the results are displayed in a “tree”? Yes! Not exactly a tree though. Its somewhat like a railway map!

If I’d wanna listen and discover great music I’d dump the rest and stick to Musicovery.

(5)ItBreaks: Man this list just keeps gettin’ better! ItBreaks indexes some artists and their music that you have never even heard of! Its got a decent interface, though it could use some restructuring, I’m not bothered. Its got some really nice music that you have to appreciate. And yeah you can share, rate and comment on the tracks here if you have an account. I say give it a try!.

I’ll try to post more on this topic as soon as I can.

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