Get help for error messages in Windows

Hi everyone, I just found a cool trick…

Now everyone gets errors when they use windows. Sometimes the error shows up when you want something really important done. And the worst part is that you can’t figure out what it means, much less get around the problem. All that gibberish really hurts my head. Now for the solution.

Some of you brainiacs might have thought about this and tried to select the text and Google it. Well that’s the whole point.

Google is what is going to give you an answer. Either that or post it in some forum. But the problem is, you CANT select the text printed on these error dialogs.

Well there’s a way around it. Just select the error dialog and click Ctrl+C !! Works like a charm. Everything on the box gets copied to your clipboard. Now all you have to do is paste it to notepad or something and select the error message and Google it. Now Hopefully you’ll find someone who can help you decipher this gibberish.

Hope this really helped…



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