Useful Sites Edition 2

Hi guys, I thought its high time I got to posting the next edition of Useful Sites so here we are.

(1) Jogli: I must say, this is the best place to find music videos. It has an awsm interface kewl little sidebar/player that plays all the videos you want. It gets you the videos through Youtube though. The plus points are that It has categorized entries, and even better are the lyrics that come with almost every song you want.

Getting yourself and account really doesn’t even take a minute! Any muzicaholic should check this out.

(2) SuperFundo: Aha… finally found a website that lists only movies and TV shows. Now it might not have the latest movies or anything but at least it lists loads of good ones. It lists TV shows too. Again, it doesn’t have a lot of TV shows but at least it has Smallville 🙂 . One very good thing is that all the files that are available are perfectly well seeded. (This means I can download Smallville without a problem ;)).

One more facility is that you can subscribe to the latest torrents uploaded to the site … yay!!

(3) Torrentz: Now this is totally different when compared to Superfundo. This one gets you whatever, REPEAT, whatever you want. All it does is list all the torrents available in sites like mininova, thepiratebay etc. Mind you this is very Effective.

One more plus point: Cool interface, with a search cloud really helps. You might just call it THE LORD OF TORRENT SITES

(4) Triond: This one is a real help to upcoming reporters and Journalists and whoever-it-is.

Triond is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. You create unique and original content and submit it to us.
  2. They publish your content on appropriate websites.
  3. You gain recognition, increase viewership, build a portfolio, and earn royalties.

It’s as simple as that. For more info click this

(5) FileSwap: Ok Ok…. I admit, this is pretty useless but hey, its a great way to kill time. What you have to do is upload a file, any file to this site and it gives you another file to download in return for your contribution. Nice isn’t it?

Now for the bad part. You can’t upload files that are larger than 500kb or smaller than 1byte ;). There goes your plan to upload blank text files… anyways you can upload a few great photos of places or something and if your lucky you’ll get a picture of a cute kitten (yay!!) or a picture of something funny. Well theres not much else that you can hope to get there. Or atleast thats what I think. (Still a great way to kill time innit??)

(6) GRSites: This website has a list of its subsites. It has LOADS of useful things like a sound archive that has sounds from birds chirping to aeroplanes. Its not just sounds, there are button makers, logo makers etc. You should give this site a look.

(7) IconFinder: I really don’t have to explain this. Its just a search engine for icons. You’ll get real cool ones here too. If you don’t wanna create icons but really want them, but don’t wanna install those packages here’s what you want…

(8) SketchSwap: Forget fileswap, this one’s the real show stealer! A sure-shot way to kill time… Just Sketch something up, its just like using the pencil tool in MSPaint. And submit it. You get another sketch in return. And as if it just isn’t enough, you get to see bit by bit as the whole sketch is made before you! Cool innit?

(9) MixTurtle: Ah… yet another music indexing/playing website. Nice interface. So simple… and ya there’s a heck of a lot of tracks in there. Just search for the music by typing the artist/track/album name in that big search box. ( You cant miss it… There’s a turtle sittin over it!!). ohh ya, mixy here doesn’t have videos like Jogli. Only audio.

Once it gives you the result I leave the rest to you. I say this is one site you have to check out.

(10) IBypass: Now all you people in orkut/facebook or anything like that listen up! Got your favorite site blocked?? Here’s the unlocker! This one bypasses the ‘block’ and gets you to that site you always wanted to visit.

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