Mozbackup – Backup your Mozilla

Well its been a while since I posted anything and for the few people who read my stuff all i have to say is that Im really very sorry.

Well it isn’t like the world is gonna end just ‘coz I was too busy to post anything. Anyways, in today’s post I’ll be telling you about an awsm Mozilla Backup Tool.

This is one heck of a life saver when you have to manage with switching from PC to PC frequently. This li’l baby just backs up all the bookmarks, extensions, plugins, settings, history, passwords, and all those extras you picked up from the addons site. It works for all mozilla products.

And guess what… its called MozBackup.

Really……. anyways… all you have to do is download it from:

and like I said earlier, this li’l proggy can help you bigtime if you manage with switching from PC to PC or even if you just wanna back it up for… you know.. reasons like saving your data if you HD crashed or some virus mysteriously showed up eating your HD away….

and again I truly, deeply apologize for the irregularity of posting.

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  1. well…
    if i use this
    wht good is it gonna be
    its not like im a traveller [;)]

    well this is gr8 stuff guys
    its cool……

  2. well Rahul… I admit that ppl lyk u n me arent travellers or PC switchers….
    but this article refers to those who have to manage with it…..
    helps them dozn it………..

    and thankz for commenting…
    keep it goin….

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