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Well hello people… I guess I’m getting too busy to post at equal intervals. And I really apologise for the inconvenience. Now back to work…

Now everybody knows what happens on TV and Movies right?? Whenever theres something related to a computer they usually don’t show any mouse used by the operators. But they do all sorts of things even if they are using ONLY their keyboards, like open different programs. It looks really cool and makes you wanna be like that doesn’t it? Well now you can do just that…

The Program:

Humanized gives you the best launch program, the next best thing to sliced bread, toasters and of course computers

Its dead simple I say, and you don’t have to index the folders from which you want to launch a file (mostly executables), unlike launchy in which you have to do that bit of dirty work. Enso indexes all installed files and default system programs. Well after it’s installed it just sits on your notification tray waiting for you like an obedient little dog. It doesn’t need any memory really, you won’t even notice it if you don’t use it unless you see the splash screen on bootup.

All you do is hold down the caps lock key and type the command for a specific operation. Like to open an installed program just type open followed by the program’s name and let go of the caps lock and VOILA! When you are typing the name of the program you want to access, it will identify it from any point in the name. For example, “Mozilla Firefox” can just be searched for as “Firefox,” because it will recognize the second word in the name.And thats not all.. it can do all sorts of stuff like calculate (only add, subtract, multiply and divide), just select the text to be calculated, like 5+5 and press caps lock, type calculate and let go and the text will be replaced by the result if it can be edited. Otherwise it displays the result on screen.

Well talking of it being like a dog, this dog learns new tricks! For example: select the program you want to use through the open command and type learn as open “name” (without quotes) and it will be made a command. Typing “learn as open techtron” with “https://techtron.wordpress.com/” highlighted in your address bar will teach it to open Techtron whenever you say “open techtron”.

There’s also an unlearn command to remove an unused command. If you think you have to type your way through this program then your beaten again! This li’l baby has an autocomplete command. Like if you wanna type open just type “o” and press enter. It autocompletes. Really saves time. And once the name of the program has been mainly highlighted by Enso, you dont have to complete it’s full filename and all that. Just let that caps lock go.

The principle of the program is this: Hold down a key, type the first part of a command, and release the keys to trigger the command. In this case, the Caps Lock key is the command key (which frankly is the first use I’ve ever had for it) and all the other keys can be used for command entry. The system is described as “quasi-modal” because instead of a box popping up, Enso Launcher is only visible when an action is taking place

And now for those heavy caps lock users. You can change the default key that calls the Launcher to make it convenient for you. And if you don’t find it easy to use the launcher by keeping the key pressed and type the command then you can make it ‘sticky’. This makes it wait till you type the command and press enter to execute. Escape is to exit. But I say keep it ‘Quasimodal’ and use Enso by keeping the default key pressed. It might take a li’l getting used to but once you do get used to it, its the best.

Did I mention its free? I say get this puppy for yourself right now! You can even cut, copy, paste and do such stuff with this puppy!


Here are the ones that you’ll probably use the most:

  • open – opens a typed program (not a selected file though)
  • open with – opens a selected file with typed program
  • learn as open – creates a new command
  • unlearn – forgets a created command
  • go – cycles through open programs
  • minimize – minimizes the active window
  • maximize – maximizes the active window
  • unmaximize – unmaximizes the active window
  • close – closes the active tab or the program if only 1 tab is open (not a typed program)
  • quit – quits the active program (not a typed program)

For a complete list of commands visit the program’s website.

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