Firefox Addons you really have to install

Surfing the web can be a real annoyance sometimes bcuz of those stupid ads, awful looking pages, javascript apps, flash animations and all that. Well no more days of surfing the web that way. If you’ve got firefox, you’ve got a solution. You guessed it! Addons, Extensions, Plugins, whatever you call it, they’re great. They let you practically own the web. Its not only clearing the junk out, you can also change the way a website looks, add extra features, collect feeds, share files, photos, videos, and much much more.

Here Im going to list a few addons which make you really glad that you chose to use Mozilla Firefox over an utterly ridiculous Internet Explorer.

For a detailed explanation check website provided.

(1) Adblock Plus: Begone banners, junk ads and all relatives! The Pest control is here. Adblock Plus is just what you need to get rid of those stupid google ads and all other junk in your favorite sites. The first time after installation it asks if you want to activate filter subscription from a few lists. You can choose to subscribe or otherwise. I chose not to.


(2) NoScript: If Adblock Plus is the boss of banners and ads then NoScript is the king of javascripts and java. As a default configuration it does not allow any site to load javascripts so you have to manually allow your favorite sites to load the required scripts. But firefox without NoScript is like a vehicle without seatbelts or airbags.


(3) URL Fixer: This li’l extension does wonders for rookies in typing. Well all it does is correct the mistakes made by us while typing the address of a website. Lets just say we wanna access google and we’re in a hurry. We type google.con firefox won’t take you to Add this little extension and it will (asking first, if you enable confirmation).


(4) Greasemonkey: Some people just love to play with the web. Customising websites the way they want it to be, changing skins and everything else gets that much easier with your greasemonkey. It uses javascripts to do its dirtywork for you. [ You don’t have to get yourself dirty learning javascripts]. All you have to do is install the extension and install the scripts. Just give a visit.


(5) Fast Dial: Fans of Opera Speed dial… Rejoice! Your favorite feature from Opera Internet Browser is now available in Firefox! It replaces the about:blank page with a panel of thumbnails of your favourite sites. So your favourite sites are just a click away!




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This person of slightly inadequate height compensates for his not-too-short stature by being extremely annoying. Oh, wait. That's not a positive quality, is it? But heck, that's who I am. I am a decent acquaintance and an annoying friend. I like doing nothing, wasting time on a computer, learning about random things, watching TV, movies, and cartoons, writing an occasional article, talking philosophy and science, home-made food, and, of course, hanging out with friends and annoying them. I am currently pursuing MSc. in Simulation Sciences at German Research School, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen. And I'm loving it.

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  1. Много букаф, не осилил Но автору зачёт.

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