Incredible Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Don’t Know About

First of all I would say to those still using IE to go get themselves something better. And that something better is Mozilla Firefox.

Its the best internet browser I’ve come across with millions of customisatioons, addons, extensions, plugins, themes, etc. which will be explained in another post.

Now to get to business. I’ve got a few good shortcuts for firefox which most of you using it will know, and for those who don’t, you can get them here.

(1) Autocomplete .org and .net addresses

Yeah yeah, we all know that if you type ‘google’ in the address bar and hit ctrl+Enter it directly goes to But what about .org and .net addresses? In firefox, Shift+Enter takes you to .net and Ctrl+Shift+Enter takes you to .org addresses automatically.

(2) Alt+D/F6/Ctrl+L

You can use these shortcuts to navigate directly to the address bar of firefox.

(3) Ctrl+T and Ctrl+Shift+T

Ctrl+T opens a new tab for you and Ctrl+Shift+T opens the last closed tab. [Very handy in case of a few accidents.]

(4) Alt+Enter

This one is really very useful if you wanna open a site in a new tab. For example if you wanna go to then type the address in the address bar and hit Alt+Enter. If the site is in the remember list of your firefox browser then all you have to do is highlight the site and hit the shortcut.

(5) Using Delete Key

The Delete Key can be pretty useful because it helps you delete specific addresses in browser history or autocomplete forms. For example in the image below, when i type ‘a’ in the google search i get 3 entries. If i wanna delete the second entry all i have to do is highlight it and press the Delete Key.

(6) Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab/Ctrl+PageUp/Ctrl+PageDown

This Shortcut helps you switch to the next successive tab in your browser very easily.

(7) Ctrl+[1,2…9]

Ctrl+tab can help you navigate alternate tabs but if you are a heavy
tab user like me and want to go to a specific tab then just use
Ctrl+corresponding tab number. Ex:To go to the 3rd tab use Ctrl+3 .

(8) Spacebar and Shift+Spacebar OR PageDown and PageUp

Spacebar or PageDown key scrolls down the webpage you’re on and Shift+Spacebar or PageUp scrolls up the webpage you’re on .

(9) The Middle Mouse Button/Ctrl+Left Click

This is not a keyboard shortcut but it is an excellent shortcut . Just point to a link anywhere on a webpage and press the middle mouse(scroll) button . It opens the page in a new tab. You can also use it as an alternative to Alt+Enter.

Ctrl+Left Clicking a link will open it in a new tab too.

(10) Ctrl+D

Bookmarks the site you are currently viewing.

(11) Ctrl+W/Ctrl+F4

Closes the current tab, or the window if only 1 tab is open.

(12) Ctrl+K/Ctrl+E

Navigates the cursor to the search bar.

(13) Ctrl+Mouse Scroll/Ctrl++/Ctrl+-

Increase and decrease text size (CTRL + 0=Normal size).

(14) Ctrl+F/’/ [/] (without brackets)

Ctrl+F brings up a search at the bottom of the page that allows you to search webpages. The “/” (backslash) if you hit that once will bring up a simplified version, a quick find.

(15) Alt+Home

Takes You to your Home Page.

Some Others are

Ctrl+U Shows the source code for the Web document.

Alt+LeftArrow or Ctrl-[ goes back in history.

Alt+RightArrow or Ctrl-] goes forward in history.

Ctrl+Home goes to the top of the Web document or field.

Ctrl+End goes to the bottom of the Web document or field.

F3 to find next.

Shift+F3 to find previous.

Ctrl+R to reload page from the Web server bypassing a stale browser cache.


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