Useful Sites Edition 1

Here are 10 very useful websites for you… this is just the first edition. I’ll keep the rest of ’em coming.
(1) DownForEveryoneOrJustMe: Cant access a website? Why is that? Is there something wrong or is it just you?

Here is the answer to all those questions:

This website lets you check whether it really is down or is there something wrong with your system, like your network filter might be blocking the site.

Its very simple really, all you do is go to the site and type the address of the site you want to check and click “or just me?”

(2) Vixy: Online flv converter. Just the most useful site if you always want to download videos from sites like youtube. Type the url of the video and it converts it to AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP file formats.

Note: There is also an offline version available on the site.


(3) Dorble: Did anyone say free music? Well here it is! Dorble lets you search, listen and download music to your computer. It has a very clean and smooth interface too.


(4) PicArtia: Converts a photo uploaded by you to an attractive mosaic. It uses pictures in its own gallery to form the mosaic.

Once finished, the mosaic will be sent to your email address.


(5) Meebo: Using a computer without an IM but wanna chat with your friends and family? Well meebo lets you chat without them!

All you need is internet and

This li’l site allows you to log in to your IM Server. It currently supports AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk, and MSN.

ohh… and its totally free!

(6) GraffitiCreator: Wanna see your name written in crazy graffiti fonts? Well you got what you wanted thanx to lets you write text in tons of different types of fonts.

Just select the font, type the text, modify settings the way you want and voila!

Expressivo: This site reads out the text typed by you out loud. Simple as that! You can also send spoken text to friends or publish on blog using links on the site.


(8) DropSend: Wanna send large files? They’ve got the answer.

Using DropSend you can send files up to a gigabyte in size through email!!

You can also store files online for backup purposes or whatever purpose you have.


(9) WarningLabelGenerator: Simple and easy steps to create your own custom warning sign. Other types of sign generators are also available through this site.


(10) WriteLikeAnEgyptian: Ever wanted to see how your name would look in egyptian? Just check this site and find out. Go on and brag to your friends that you know egyptian!

—–End Of Useful Sites Edition 1—–

About Jayghosh Rao

This person of slightly inadequate height compensates for his not-too-short stature by being extremely annoying. Oh, wait. That's not a positive quality, is it? But heck, that's who I am. I am a decent acquaintance and an annoying friend. I like doing nothing, wasting time on a computer, learning about random things, watching TV, movies, and cartoons, writing an occasional article, talking philosophy and science, home-made food, and, of course, hanging out with friends and annoying them. I am currently pursuing MSc. in Simulation Sciences at German Research School, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen. And I'm loving it.

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