XP built-in-tweaks

Feelin like ur XP system can run faster than it is and want it to?
well all u have to do is TWEAK IT! If u r a Gamer and want ur PC to perform at its peak then just follow this…

Purpose: Free up system resources.
Firstly right click on “My Computer” and click properties -> go to the “Advanced” Tab -> Under Performance click settings =>
Lvl 1 – uncheck all except “Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop” ,”Smooth edges of screen fonts” , and “Use visual styles on windows and buttons” > click Apply and OK.
Lvl 2 – uncheck all except “Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop” ,”smooth edges of screen fonts” > click Apply and OK.
Lvl 3 – Choose the option Adjust for best performance > click Apply and OK.

2.Disable Error Reporting *All Levels
Purpose: Free up system/network resources.
This “feature” calls home to Microsoft and sends info about system errors. Click on the Error Reporting button on the bottom of the window > check the box that says Disable Error Reporting > uncheck the box that says But notify me when critical errors occur. click OK to close the window. Close out of these windows by choosing Apply/OK but leave the System Properties window open.

3.Turn Off System Restore Levels 3 & 4 only
Purpose: Free up system resources.
Click on the System Restore tab and place a check mark in the Turn off System Restore on all drives box. Click Apply. ***If you do not use a backup program, DO NOT use this tweak!!! System Restore while using resources is a useful feature.

4. Remove Old Restore Points
Purpose: Free up disk space.
If you keep System Restore active: To remove old system restore points go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup > select the drive XP is installed on and click OK > click the More Options tab > in the System Restore section, click the Clean up… button and Yes in the resulting screen.

5. Turn Off Indexing *All Levels
Purpose: Free up system resources.
Open My Computer ( press the Windows & E keys) > right click on each drive and choose Properties > under the General tab, uncheck the box that says Allow the Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching > a window will pop up, make sure the box is checked that says Apply change to (drive letter):\, subfolders and files and click OK. Windows will apply the changes, click OK. Once you have done all the drives I recommend you reboot.

6. Turn Off System Sounds Levels 2 , 3 , 4
Purpose: Free up system resources.
What this does is disable the Sound Scheme. The sound scheme contains things like the sound you hear when you click on something. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices. Click on the Sounds tab.
First save your current scheme, click on the Save As… button, enter a name, I used “1”, and click OK. Next, in the upper most box, click on the arrow on the right side and choose No Sounds and click Apply at the bottom, right. While you are here, click back on the Volume tab. You can enable/disable the system tray volume icon here by checking/unchecking the box Place volume icon in taskbar. When you are finished, click OK to exit.

7. Don’t Use Wallpaper Levels 3 & 4 only
Purpose: Free up system resources.
Sound boring? I agree. However, not using wallpaper can free up a bit of memory and speed boot times a tad. To eliminate wallpaper: Right-click on a blank area of the desktop > choose Properties > click on the Desktop tab > in the area that says “Background” choose (None) > to change the color of the desktop, click on the arrow next to “Color:” and pick your color > click Apply and OK.

8. Don’t Hibernate *All Levels
Purpose: Performance
Hibernation can have an impact on performance. To disable it go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Power Options > click on the Hibernate tab > uncheck Enable hibernation.

9. Move Print Spool Directory *All Levels
Purpose: Performance. Free up disk space.
For most people this tweak works on the machine that the printer is physically attached to. This tweak is most effective if you move it to a separate drive from your OS, preferably the first partition on that disk or the second partition on that disk if you are using the first for your page file.
Create a new folder on that partition called PrintSpool > now go to START > Printers and Faxes > click on File at the top left of the window > scroll down and click Server Properties > click on the Advanced tab > type the COMPLETE path to the PrintSpool folder you just created (i.e. – D:\\PrintSpool)

Move My Documents Folder *All Levels
Right click on the My Documents folder > choose Properties > Click on the Move… button > Expand My Computer and choose the drive you want to move it to > click the Make New Folder button and name it anything you like > click Apply > a screen will pop-up, click yes.

10. Add a My Computer or My Network Places toolbar.
Purpose: Quick access to drives (may use more system resources).
Click on My Computer and hold, slide it to the edge of the screen (any edge) and you have a My Computer tool bar. Works with My Network Places too.


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